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        Model Introduction of Euro Standard Belt Wheel with Constant Fabrication

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        European standard pulley is a kind of pulley, so if you want to know about European standard pulley, you must first understand the pulley. Now let's introduce the specifications of the pulley.
        The specifications of triangular belt are divided by the size of back width (top width) and height (thickness). According to the size of different back width (top width) and height (thickness), the national standard stipulates various types of triangular belt, such as O, A, B, C, D and E. The pitch width, top width and height of each type of triangular belt are different, so the pulley must be made according to the shape of triangular belt. Groove type; these different grooves determine the pulley of O-type pulley, A-type pulley, B-type pulley, C-type pulley, D-type pulley, E-type pulley and other models.
        The models of the triangle belt are as follows:
        Ordinary O A B C D E 3V 5V 8V, ordinary reinforced AX BX CX DX EX 3VX 5VX 8VX, narrow V-band SPZ SPA SPB SPC, strong narrow V-band XPA XPB XPC; each type of triangle belt specifies the section size of the triangle belt.
        The section size of A-type triangular belt is: the width of the top is 13 mm, and the thickness is 8 mm.
        The sectional dimensions of the B-type triangular belt are: the width of the top is 17MM, and the thickness is 10.5MM.
        The cross-section size of C-type triangular belt is 22MM in top width and 13.5MM in thickness.
        The cross-section size of D-type triangular belt is 21.5 MM in top width and 19 MM in thickness.
        The section size of E-type triangular belt is 38MM in top width and 25.5MM in thickness. Corresponding dimensions: O (10*6), A (12.5*9), B (16.5*11), C (22*14), D (21.5*19), E (38*25.5).
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